Green Legacy: Chapter 2 – Oh baby!

Elphaba wasted no time moving in her new beau, Benny Roe. He might well be an evil, lazy bugger, but he does love Elphaba’s art! She used part of his $20,000 to buy a few amenities they would need.

10-27-14_9-06 PM

She wasted no time and started putting the sexy moves on him pretty quick… to great effect!

10-27-14_9-22 PM-2 10-27-14_9-24 PM 10-27-14_9-26 PM

It wasn’t long until she got the news, being pregnant with her first child!

10-30-14_9-11 PM

But will the new little one carry the family line of being a true “Green”?

For the next few days, Elphaba put her heart and soul into her art, churning out several masterpieces.

10-30-14_9-28 PM

Finally, before the baby comes, she thought, yes its time: “Benny, will you marry me?”

10-30-14_9-45 PM

“YES!!” They eloped immediately.. they have no friends to invite to a formal party after all!

10-30-14_9-47 PM

Oh boy, the baby is coming!

10-30-14_10-29 PM

Welcome to the world……

10-30-14_10-37 PM

Fiona Green! New heir to the Green Legacy!

10-30-14_10-37 PM-2 11-01-14_7-38 PM-2


Green Legacy: Chapter 1 – New Beginnings

Everything had been going perfectly.

She had met a great guy

10-26-14_6-56 PM

Fallen in love..

10-26-14_7-05 PM

10-26-14_7-48 PM10-26-14_7-13 PM

and then her whole world came crashing down….. she had to start over. 😦

Elphaba spent the first day of her new life putting all her emotions down on canvas

10-26-14_6-52 PM10-26-14_6-50 PM

In the evening she headed to the local Lounge where she had met her first love.. hoping against hope that she could find him again…  alas it was not to be.. so she came home with this guy instead.

10-27-14_9-00 PM

Legacy Challenge Redux

Now that the Legacy Challenge rules have been finalised, I shall be starting over my legacy challenge together with my friend whose blog you can find here.

I have created a completely new founder for this go round and have changed the succession laws as well.

I shall be going with the following succession laws:

Gender: Equality – any gender child may be the heir
Bloodline: Strict Traditional – child must be naturally born and direct bloodline to founder
Heir: Exemplar – heir must have a specific attribute to qualify. In my family’s case that attribute is…..


Green skin! Meet Elphaba Green, my new founder!


The gym, thats where!

Snow’s first stop on the hunt for a hunny was the local library. After all, she did want to find a somewhat intelligent man!

09-16-14_11-14 PM

Unfortunately there were slim pickings when she got there. Most of the males in the room were a bit too old for young Snow White. However she did meet Geoffrey Landgraab and made a solid start to becoming friends with him. Not wanting to make her trip to the library a wasted effort, she made a good start on her career objectives by practicing her writing for 3 hours.

09-16-14_11-40 PM

The next morning, Snow headed straight for the Gym to check out a bit of eye candy and more importantly to take a nice inspiring shower before her first day of work.  She must have been plenty inspired because she got promoted.. and got a free PC as a reward! Awesome!

09-17-14_8-18 PM

Since the gym worked out so well, she went back again on Tuesday morning and met.. Milton

09-17-14_8-30 PM

Snow’s heart was all aflutter! They seemed to hit it off pretty well, and she learned that he was a romantic sim.

09-17-14_8-40 PM

Later, Snow headed home to start on her first book: A children’s fairy tale Snow White & Rose Red.

Wednesday saw Snow return to work and come very close to her next promotion. Feeling rather happy in life, she invited Milton out on a date to the Solar Flare Lounge:

09-17-14_9-11 PM 09-17-14_9-21 PM

They had a wonderful time, chatting and flirting the night away. Sparks were definitely flying and it turned out to be a Legendary Date!

The following day was a day off for Snow so she had a sleep in after her previous nights activities. She woke up starving so decided to go to the park to grill up some good food and enjoy the sun.

09-17-14_10-36 PM

Unfortunately as soon as she sat down she was rudely interrupted by a fat uncouth local man.

09-17-14_10-37 PM

Just like a knight in shining armour however, Milton showed up and rescued the fair Snow White!

09-17-14_10-38 PM

Snow White was so grateful, she just had to kiss him!

09-17-14_10-41 PM

And because he didn’t run screaming she did it again with feeling!

09-17-14_10-42 PM

Overcome with emotion and romance Snow asked Milton to go steady and he readily agreed and they straight away took a romantic photo together.

09-17-14_10-42 PM-3

Snow then left to go home. Just as she had settled back down to write some more of her book, guess who came a-knocking on her door? Her sweetheart of course! I’m sure you can guess what came next… 😉

09-17-14_10-50 PM

Snow now knew for sure he was the one. So she got down on one knee and popped the question.

09-17-14_10-53 PM

But oh, shock, horror, shame! He REJECTED her! Snow was absolutely mortified, but made a quick recovery. Would he at least move in? Yes, yes he would. And he brought $20,000 to help get a proper house going.

09-17-14_11-29 PM-2 09-17-14_11-29 PM-3

It turns out that Milton was a snob and an art lover too. I believe marrying into such a poor family was, he felt, beneath him. However he does love our Snow White and she believes she can win him over.

The next day, Milton decided to get a job in the culinary career, in order to facilitate his life aspiration of mastering Mixology. He even bought himself a flaming Tiki Bar to help with his skills.

09-17-14_11-41 PM

That night the two lovebirds tried for a baby, and…..

09-17-14_11-53 PM

It was a great success! Snow is pregnant and desperately hoping for a girl to continue the legacy family tree.

Next time… we find out whether Snow gets her wish!

What’s a broke girl to do?

Poor Snow. She only has $1,800 to buy anything with…

09-16-14_8-27 PM

She decided to go with a good bed and a rather cheap fridge. Good sleep and something to eat. The rest she can get elsewhere. This girl is no stranger to foraging in the woods for what she needs so she’ll do just fine even with only $35 to her name…

Snow has also managed to land a position as a writer.

Now…  where does one go around here to find a Prince Charming???

Introducing….. Snow White!

Snow_party Snow_sleep Snow_athletic Snow_formalSnow_everyday

Here is my founder sim Snow White Charming. She is such a good sim, always with a smile for everyone around her. You may know her tale of running from a wicked queen and hiding out with a group of dwarves. Now she is waiting for her prince to come and in the meantime is determined to tell her story, her REAL story (and hopefully make a bunch of simoleons in the process!). And so it begins here.

09-16-14_7-49 PM

My first legacy challenge!

Hello and welcome to my first Sims 4 Legacy Challenge playthrough!

Using the rules found here, I shall be attempting to complete 10 generations of sims lives through all their ups and downs. I shall be using a Disney Princess theme for my founder and heirs.

To make things  a little more interesting I shall be doing this challenge in tandem with a good friend of mine to see who can do the best for their sim legacy family. You can check on her progress here.

For my family I shall be using the following ruleset:

Gender Law: Strict Matriarchy: my founder and subsequent heirs MUST be female;

Bloodline Law: Strict Traditional: all heirs MUST have a direct unbroken bloodline to the founder sim and must be naturally born;

Heir Law: First Born: The oldest, by order of joining the family, eligible living child is named heir.

Next up to meet the Founder!