My first legacy challenge!

Hello and welcome to my first Sims 4 Legacy Challenge playthrough!

Using the rules found here, I shall be attempting to complete 10 generations of sims lives through all their ups and downs. I shall be using a Disney Princess theme for my founder and heirs.

To make things  a little more interesting I shall be doing this challenge in tandem with a good friend of mine to see who can do the best for their sim legacy family. You can check on her progress here.

For my family I shall be using the following ruleset:

Gender Law: Strict Matriarchy: my founder and subsequent heirs MUST be female;

Bloodline Law: Strict Traditional: all heirs MUST have a direct unbroken bloodline to the founder sim and must be naturally born;

Heir Law: First Born: The oldest, by order of joining the family, eligible living child is named heir.

Next up to meet the Founder!


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