The gym, thats where!

Snow’s first stop on the hunt for a hunny was the local library. After all, she did want to find a somewhat intelligent man!

09-16-14_11-14 PM

Unfortunately there were slim pickings when she got there. Most of the males in the room were a bit too old for young Snow White. However she did meet Geoffrey Landgraab and made a solid start to becoming friends with him. Not wanting to make her trip to the library a wasted effort, she made a good start on her career objectives by practicing her writing for 3 hours.

09-16-14_11-40 PM

The next morning, Snow headed straight for the Gym to check out a bit of eye candy and more importantly to take a nice inspiring shower before her first day of work.  She must have been plenty inspired because she got promoted.. and got a free PC as a reward! Awesome!

09-17-14_8-18 PM

Since the gym worked out so well, she went back again on Tuesday morning and met.. Milton

09-17-14_8-30 PM

Snow’s heart was all aflutter! They seemed to hit it off pretty well, and she learned that he was a romantic sim.

09-17-14_8-40 PM

Later, Snow headed home to start on her first book: A children’s fairy tale Snow White & Rose Red.

Wednesday saw Snow return to work and come very close to her next promotion. Feeling rather happy in life, she invited Milton out on a date to the Solar Flare Lounge:

09-17-14_9-11 PM 09-17-14_9-21 PM

They had a wonderful time, chatting and flirting the night away. Sparks were definitely flying and it turned out to be a Legendary Date!

The following day was a day off for Snow so she had a sleep in after her previous nights activities. She woke up starving so decided to go to the park to grill up some good food and enjoy the sun.

09-17-14_10-36 PM

Unfortunately as soon as she sat down she was rudely interrupted by a fat uncouth local man.

09-17-14_10-37 PM

Just like a knight in shining armour however, Milton showed up and rescued the fair Snow White!

09-17-14_10-38 PM

Snow White was so grateful, she just had to kiss him!

09-17-14_10-41 PM

And because he didn’t run screaming she did it again with feeling!

09-17-14_10-42 PM

Overcome with emotion and romance Snow asked Milton to go steady and he readily agreed and they straight away took a romantic photo together.

09-17-14_10-42 PM-3

Snow then left to go home. Just as she had settled back down to write some more of her book, guess who came a-knocking on her door? Her sweetheart of course! I’m sure you can guess what came next… 😉

09-17-14_10-50 PM

Snow now knew for sure he was the one. So she got down on one knee and popped the question.

09-17-14_10-53 PM

But oh, shock, horror, shame! He REJECTED her! Snow was absolutely mortified, but made a quick recovery. Would he at least move in? Yes, yes he would. And he brought $20,000 to help get a proper house going.

09-17-14_11-29 PM-2 09-17-14_11-29 PM-3

It turns out that Milton was a snob and an art lover too. I believe marrying into such a poor family was, he felt, beneath him. However he does love our Snow White and she believes she can win him over.

The next day, Milton decided to get a job in the culinary career, in order to facilitate his life aspiration of mastering Mixology. He even bought himself a flaming Tiki Bar to help with his skills.

09-17-14_11-41 PM

That night the two lovebirds tried for a baby, and…..

09-17-14_11-53 PM

It was a great success! Snow is pregnant and desperately hoping for a girl to continue the legacy family tree.

Next time… we find out whether Snow gets her wish!


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