Green Legacy: Chapter 2 – Oh baby!

Elphaba wasted no time moving in her new beau, Benny Roe. He might well be an evil, lazy bugger, but he does love Elphaba’s art! She used part of his $20,000 to buy a few amenities they would need.

10-27-14_9-06 PM

She wasted no time and started putting the sexy moves on him pretty quick… to great effect!

10-27-14_9-22 PM-2 10-27-14_9-24 PM 10-27-14_9-26 PM

It wasn’t long until she got the news, being pregnant with her first child!

10-30-14_9-11 PM

But will the new little one carry the family line of being a true “Green”?

For the next few days, Elphaba put her heart and soul into her art, churning out several masterpieces.

10-30-14_9-28 PM

Finally, before the baby comes, she thought, yes its time: “Benny, will you marry me?”

10-30-14_9-45 PM

“YES!!” They eloped immediately.. they have no friends to invite to a formal party after all!

10-30-14_9-47 PM

Oh boy, the baby is coming!

10-30-14_10-29 PM

Welcome to the world……

10-30-14_10-37 PM

Fiona Green! New heir to the Green Legacy!

10-30-14_10-37 PM-2 11-01-14_7-38 PM-2


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