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Green Legacy: Chapter 2 – Oh baby!

Elphaba wasted no time moving in her new beau, Benny Roe. He might well be an evil, lazy bugger, but he does love Elphaba’s art! She used part of his $20,000 to buy a few amenities they would need.

10-27-14_9-06 PM

She wasted no time and started putting the sexy moves on him pretty quick… to great effect!

10-27-14_9-22 PM-2 10-27-14_9-24 PM 10-27-14_9-26 PM

It wasn’t long until she got the news, being pregnant with her first child!

10-30-14_9-11 PM

But will the new little one carry the family line of being a true “Green”?

For the next few days, Elphaba put her heart and soul into her art, churning out several masterpieces.

10-30-14_9-28 PM

Finally, before the baby comes, she thought, yes its time: “Benny, will you marry me?”

10-30-14_9-45 PM

“YES!!” They eloped immediately.. they have no friends to invite to a formal party after all!

10-30-14_9-47 PM

Oh boy, the baby is coming!

10-30-14_10-29 PM

Welcome to the world……

10-30-14_10-37 PM

Fiona Green! New heir to the Green Legacy!

10-30-14_10-37 PM-2 11-01-14_7-38 PM-2


Green Legacy: Chapter 1 – New Beginnings

Everything had been going perfectly.

She had met a great guy

10-26-14_6-56 PM

Fallen in love..

10-26-14_7-05 PM

10-26-14_7-48 PM10-26-14_7-13 PM

and then her whole world came crashing down….. she had to start over. 😦

Elphaba spent the first day of her new life putting all her emotions down on canvas

10-26-14_6-52 PM10-26-14_6-50 PM

In the evening she headed to the local Lounge where she had met her first love.. hoping against hope that she could find him again…  alas it was not to be.. so she came home with this guy instead.

10-27-14_9-00 PM

Legacy Challenge Redux

Now that the Legacy Challenge rules have been finalised, I shall be starting over my legacy challenge together with my friend whose blog you can find here.

I have created a completely new founder for this go round and have changed the succession laws as well.

I shall be going with the following succession laws:

Gender: Equality – any gender child may be the heir
Bloodline: Strict Traditional – child must be naturally born and direct bloodline to founder
Heir: Exemplar – heir must have a specific attribute to qualify. In my family’s case that attribute is…..


Green skin! Meet Elphaba Green, my new founder!